Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Cure play Voodoo Experience 2013!

Ticketmaster says The Cure are playing Voodoo Experience 2013, and I believe them. :) After 13 long years, The Cure finally returns to New Orleans! Welcome back! Thank you so much!
And just a reminder that this is New Orleans...on Halloween weekend (though I dispute this), so a dark set? Please? I mean if The Cure are playing Voodoo they HAVE to play 'Siamese Twins', right? "Voodoo smile, Siamese Twins". Come on, Robert! :)

Update: CoS has contacted Voodoo and they have confirmed it! And yes, it is now official!

Update (Sept. 5th, 2013): The daily schedules are out, and The Cure are playing on Sunday, Nov. 3rd, from 7 - 9PM. Kid Rock right before them, and opposite How To Destroy Angels at 6:55. Not happy about that at all. And as expected, the general 3 day passes have jumped up to the $200 level now.

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